Nordic Therapeutics, an American company whose mission is to continue to source, produce, and manufacture the highest quality innovative healthcare products and supplements, distributing to a global market. The experienced leadership team has the imagination, drive, experience, necessary to bring novel, safe, practical solutions to health related issues overlooked by Big Pharma.

When Nordic Therapeutics introduced Nordic ICE anti-pain gel in 2013, there were very few effective over-the- counter topical pain relievers on the market and only one very expensive prescription product. Also, the public appeared to be increasingly skeptical of taking pain killer pills, including oxycodone, which had begun an epidemic of abuse. Three healthcare professionals with almost 60 years of combined medical experience, decided to create a safer, more affordable, topical pain reliever. After multiple formulations, Nordic ICE Anti-Pain became the first, over the counter (OTC) pain reliever to effectively and safely answer the call utilizing lidocaine as its main active ingredient. Very quickly, large and smaller pharmaceutical companies followed suit, filling the gap for an alternative pain reliever to narcotics, which was utilized for both muscular AND nerve pain conditions.

Another, much greater need, has turned America and the whole world upside down…

Seven years later, viruses including Influenza (the common flu), have infected as many as 45 million Americans since October 2019, and killed as many as 46,000, according to estimates from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The recent deadly outbreak of a novel respiratory virus has no effective cure, vaccine, or human immunity, World leaders, politicians, and brave healthcare workers, are scrambling to contain this global pandemic.

Despite mega-pharmaceutical companies’ attempts to produce a magic cure or vaccine, and a powerful leader’s best efforts to quell the fear of its citizens with conjecture, expert testimony, and (late) plans to manufacture scarce medical supplies and tests, only preventative strategies have any chance of decreasing morbidity and mortality.

Viru-Stat-RDS will once again prove to be a safe but effective solution to the prudent individual, proactively interested in maintaining their health despite the unrelenting barrage of invisible, disease causing, respiratory viruses. Utilizing safe but powerful ingredients, VIru-Stat-RDS is the first and only product, (marketed as a dietary supplement), created to support your already healthy immune system. Your healthy immunity is increasingly important to fight off microorganisms before they cause illness and disease in your vulnerable respiratory tract.